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Roshield 2X LARGE Rat Poison Bait Boxes | PROTECT CHILDREN & PETS | Outdoor/Indoor Usage for All Rat Poisoning & Variety of Rat Traps (Empty) | for Rat Traps That Kill Instantly & Rat Poisoning Blocks

Roshield 2X LARGE Rat Poison Bait Boxes | PROTECT CHILDREN & PETS | Outdoor/Indoor Usage for All Rat Poisoning & Variety of Rat Traps (Empty) | for Rat Traps That Kill Instantly & Rat Poisoning Blocks

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  • PROTECT CHILDREN & PETS- Lockable bait stations designed for both professional and amateur users to apply rodenticide bait & Rat traps safely. Do not use rodenticides Or traps without using this box!
  • FOR RODENTICIDE POISON BAIT - Extra Large Boxes With bait rod that holds twice more than other bait stations.For variety of rat poisoning including rat poisoning blocks strong (Bait is not included)
  • FOR RAT & MOUSE TRAPS - Boxes can hold a variety of popular rat and mouse traps. When used for traps, they can be activated externally using a cable tie. (Traps are not included)
  • COMPLIES WITH UK REGULATIONS - Roshield bait stations comply with the recently amended requirements for the safe use of amateur rodenticides within tamper-resistant bait stations.
  • MANUFACTURED FROM RECYCLED PLASTICS - Our bait boxes are unique because they are made exclusively in the UK from recycled plastics sourced from car dashboards and bumpers.

Product Description

Roshield Tamper-resistant Bait Station (Empty)

Our bait box station has been designed to hold rodenticide and traps when baiting for rats & house mice within external environments or when baiting in sensitive locations such as around children and pets. The box has been specifically designed for the professional pest control industry and complies with all the latest UK & EU regulations on the safe application of rodenticide bait.

All type of bait including wax blocks and pasta sachets can be applied by either threading onto the included bait rod or added loose into the rear baiting chambers (subject to product label, that can vary). An additional bait divider can be inserted to help with spillage and also to hold additional loose bait when treating large infestations. Our box can also be used with the Roshield trap as for safe trapping within sensitive environments and a cable tie can be added for easy setting when the lid is closed.

It is important to point out that this listing is for the box only - no rodenticide or traps are included. Please see our other kits if rodenticide or trap products are also required.

Instructions are included on the safe use of our box. An additional support video is also available.

Can be used with:

Wax Blocks

Rodenticide wax bait blocks can be inserted directly onto the internal baiting rod to prevent rats and mice from dragging bait away from the safety of the box, as well as containing spillage if tipped over.

Pasta Sachets

Similar to the wax blocks, pasta & paste sachets can also be added directly on to bait rod by puncturing directly through the inner sachet and then placing into the rear chamber to prevent unnecessary spillage.

Whole Wheat

Amateur users: Wheat sachets can be inserted directly onto the bait rod or clamped between the lid and the box base. Professional: Wheat bait can be placed loose into the baiting chambers.

Roshield Rat Traps

Roshield rat traps can be added to the central chamber which creates an artificial tunnel that can entice rats to enter. A cable tie can be added to allow monitoring and quick setting without opening the lid.

Using the Roshield Baiter box

Simply add rodenticide bait into the box via the bait rod or directly into the bait chambers, close the lid and place within location of rodent activity. If using traps use the central chamber of the box. More detailed instructions are included within the box.

Its important that the box is placed as close to the original food source and/or adjacent to nesting sites.

Any existing food sources must be eliminated to allow the rats and mice to seek alternative options.

Boxes can be used in both internal and external environments. If baiting within internal areas we recommend placing the boxes into voids or enclosed areas such as under floor boards or within an attic as rodents are more likely to enter the boxes. Try not place them in open areas such as a living room or hallway. When using them externally place them against outbuildings or fence lines rather than in open areas. Additional protection maybe required if baiting around larger pets.

Always read the product label.

Co2 Emissions Saved

On Amazon alone in, with just our flagship Roshield Baiter box in 2018 we saved over 32,800kg on CO2 emissions - calculated this equates to driving an articulated lorry twice around the planet.

We dispatch all our boxes within recycled cardboard boxes, which can also be recycled at the majority of kerbside collections.

Manufactured in the UK

We understand the costs of the environment and have taken steps to minimise the transportation and material wastage in the creation our boxes. All our black Roshield bait boxes are manufactured in the UK using recycled plastics sourced from car bumpers and dashboards. Waste plastic is reintroduced back into the manufacturing process.

As we make the boxes in the UK we minimise transportation costs from importing from abroad, which results in a lower carbon footprint.

  • Created using strong polypropylene
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • All plastic construction

Roshield Baiter Specifaction (Per Unit)

Weight 0.522g
Dimensions 260mm x 190mm x 120mm
Material Polypropylene plastic
Contents included Key, Bait Rod & Bait Divider
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