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, Portable Two Burner Gas Cooker, Outdoor Grill

, Portable Two Burner Gas Cooker, Outdoor Grill

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  • Powerful: Two high-performance, fully adjustable 2 kW stainless steel burners; push and turn knobs for full flame control; removable dishwasher-safe pan supports hold two pans up to 24 cm in diameter
  • Compact and slim design: Easy to use gas cooker with manual ignition; folds up compact, side panels come with built-in carry grips and the lid has a secure, steel Lock
  • Enhanced design: The lid covers the cooking top for protection and works as a wind deflecting Shield when it is open
  • Wide Availability: Runs on Campingaz gas cartridge CV 470 Plus (runtime: 1 H 30 min), high availability in over 50 countries
  • Size (open/closed): 49 x 45 x 33/49 x 35 x 10 cm, gas consumption: 291 g/h; Weight: 3.8 kg; gas stoves are not suitable for indoor use; hose and regulator are included

From the manufacturer

The Camping Kitchen 2 CV is the ideal cooker for longer excursions and camping trips. The compact design with built-in carrying handles allows for space-saving storage. In addition, the cooker has heat-resistant pot supports made of enamelled steel, which also serve as a windbreak.

Camping Kitchen 2

Portable Camping Stove with 2 hot plates

This portable gas cooker offers maximum flexibility for cooking on the go thanks to its two separately adjustable knobs for heat control. After use, the pot supports can be removed for easy cleaning of the cooker's surface.

  1. Powerful burners with 2000 Watts each

    Two knobs offer flexible options for preparing delicious meals wherever you are.

  2. Space-saving and easy to transport

    The cooker can be completely folded up & can be transported in a very space-saving way.

  3. Connect the cylinder and get started

    The stove runs on CV470 Plus cartridges. It can be connected very easily in just 3 simple steps.

  4. Removable pot supports for easy cleaning

    The removable pan supports & the smooth coating make cleaning particularly easy.

  5. Ignite with lighter or matches

    To start up, simply turn on the gas supply and hold a fire source to the burner.

1 Two hot plates 2 Portable dimensions 3 Easy to connect 4 Easy cleaning 5 Easy ignition
  1. Attach cartridge

    To attach the cartridge, simply fasten the regulator onto the bottle until it clicks.

  2. Open gas flow

    To release the gas from the bottle, the valve on the side needs to be unscrewed.

  3. Ignite the cooker

    To ignite the flame now carefully open the gas on the front & hold a fire source on the burner.

Connect in just 3 simple steps

1 Step 2 Step 3 Step

Wide availability in many European countries

The Camping Kitchen 2 runs on the CV470 Plus gas cartridges. It is available in many countries throughout Europe. So you can always find a replacement if you run out of gas. Detailed dealer search at

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