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Angel Girls 14-Inch Bike, Blue,

Angel Girls 14-Inch Bike, Blue,

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  • 14" wheel play cycle , includes stabilisers ,
  • colour cordinated spoked wheels, stylish looks ,
  • saftey features include fully enclosed chainguard, easy reach brakes,padding on stem
  • Model number: MO1603

From the manufacturer

Sonic Angel 14" wheel girls bike

Sonic Angel 14" wheel girls bike

  • Perfect for ages 4-6.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Fully enclosed chain guard.
  • Easy reach brakes.
  • White pneaumatic tyres.
  • Caliper brakes.
  • Padded saddle.

Introducing the all new Angel 14 inch bike cool colour and graphics that will make learning to ride a bike so much fun, for ages 4-6. With stabilisers that can be removed as confidence grows. Suitable for children between 105-117cm. Packed with safety features like easy reach brakes and fully enclosed chain guards to keep your child safe whilst having loads of fun.

Sonic bikes, the essence of style, safety and imagination blended together to form a marvellously creative children’s bike range. Focused on providing efficient and innovative designs with an affordability so you can invest in branded helmets, gloves and knee/elbow pads to make sure your child is always safe whilst portraying style.

Whilst portraying style its stacked with saftey features to keep the little on safe

Fully enclosed chain & removable stabilisers

Fully enclosed chain guard keeps clothes and body parts away from moving items like chain and chain wheel & stabilisers that can be removed once her confidence has grown.

Easy reach brakes and high upright bars

Easy reach brakes can be adjusted to the needs of small hands to help with added control and braking, whilst a high handle bar position helps keep her upright and looking forward.

Non slip pedals

Keep your tootsie in place the last thing you want is to be slipping of the pedals so the non slip pedals keep your feet right where they should be.

White Pneumatic tyres

White tyres!! how cool do they look? also added grip helps make for a stylish comfortable ride.

Fully enclosed chain guard Chain disc
Easy reach brakes
White pneumatic tyres
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