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sofa bed 203 X 231 X 66 Cm

sofa bed 203 X 231 X 66 Cm

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  • Dimensions 203 x 231 x 66 cm
  • Capacity two seats
  • Anthracite color
  • Waterproof, can be cleaned with a wet sponge
  • Include portabicchieri

Tips for handling, inflating, using and storing to extend the use of the product. Here are some recommendations for consumers

- Do not walk, stand, jump, or use this product as a trampoline.

- Keep pets away from the product. Pets can pierce the surface of this product.

- Make sure the area is flat, level, clean, and free of sharp objects. To avoid puncturing or damaging the product, never drag it across the floor. Lift the product when moving or changing locations.

- Unfold the product and locate the inflation valve.

- To inflate, separate the valve cap from the valve housing and press the valve housing firmly into the exhaust port. If the valve housing is already inserted into the exhaust port, pull the valve cap to open it.

- Adults should inflate each room slowly using a foot pump or a manual air pump. Insert the hose or pump tip into the inflation valve and inflate. Make sure the product is firm to the touch but not hard. ATTENTION to avoid bursting, do not use a high-pressure pump such as an air compressor. Put the cap back in place after inflation.
For deflation and storage

- To deflate remove the valve cap, then pull on the “inflation valve housing” to release the air. Replace the “inflation valve housing” and the cap after deflation.

- Make sure the product is clean and dry

- Lay the product flat with the lying surface facing up. Fold the product loosely and avoid sharp curves, angles, and creases that could damage it.

- Place the product in its original packaging and store it in a dry and cool place.

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