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2006561 Paint Edger Home Improvement Accessory W/ Attached Paint Pad

2006561 Paint Edger Home Improvement Accessory W/ Attached Paint Pad

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  • CLAMP ASSISTED PAD LOADING SYSTEM: The Paint Edger Pro will secure pads in place, making for a straight, even coat throughout your house
  • ERGONOMIC: For handheld painting jobs, the form-fitting handle coupled with the unit’s light weight will help you work in comfort during long workdays
  • THREADED POLE EXTENSION SOCKET: Attach a painter’s pole to this edger to reach ceilings and other lofty heights
  • EASY PAD EJECTION: Load these pads up and eject them with the press of a button, keeping clear of any messes
  • RETRACTABLE GUIDE WHEELS: Onboard guide wheels make painting easier in every respect. When painting, they serve to make smoother strokes. When loading pads, they can retract into the unit to stay dry

Make neat, straight lines with Shur-Line’s premium paint edger. Its light weight, ergonomic design will help you work on a variety of surfaces in comfort. From door frames to crown molding to ceilings, you can do it all. You can make clean curves with this tool’s adjustable swivel handle. Painters, both professional and those of the do-it-yourself variety, will rejoice at this piece of hardware’s ability to connect with extension poles for dabbing either paint or stain at those hard-to-reach areas on top of high door frames or molding while still maintaining the highest standard of accuracy

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