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Matching Pair of Purple Vases with Purple Artificial Flowers, Ornaments Small Gift Home Accessories

Matching Pair of Purple Vases with Purple Artificial Flowers, Ornaments Small Gift Home Accessories

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  • The purple and black artificial flowers in this display look lovely in the purple vase and would go with a purple rug purple cushions purple curtains or purple home accessories
  • An impressive ornament around 40cm tall. Perfect size for a window display or in the caravan these artificial flowers look stunning. Fake flowers make for great ornaments
  • Boxed and Ready to display!

From the manufacturer

Why buy from Flourish?

Premium Quality.

Our floral products are all arranged by hand so that we can achieve the highest standard of quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Ready to Display.

Flourish products are pre-arranged and ready to display from the box, meaning all you have to do is find the best place to show it off.

Quality Packaging.

Flourish floral arrangements are packed in specially made boxes to ensure that what you see on the screen is what you get when you open the box.

Did you know?

  • Flourish have a huge range of colours and sizes available only via Amazon.
  • We add new lines on a regular basis so keep an eye out for the latest designs including our Christmas range.

Mini nylon range - quality without compromise

Small but Beautiful.

These little ornaments are excellent accessories for all kinds of places in the home. They make great gift ideas and coming in matching pairs they are excellent for display on the top of the fireplace, on a window ledge or on a shelf.

Gorgeous Colouring.

Nylon flowers are died in a range of popular colours, some are two tone and some single tone, all are stunningly unique.

Range of Vase Colours.

Not only do the flowers come in a huge range of colours but we have many colours of vases in this range which makes for a monster selection of products to choose from.

Packaging with pride

Accessory Sized.

This arrangement packs a punch for all the size of it, with bold colours it makes a statement wherever you put it. For that extra splash of colour this display will do the job at 32cm in height.

Cardboard Packing.

You can expect your order to be delivered in one piece, we have the packing sorted using a 'cardboard only' approach.

Ready to Display.

Using specially designed boxes we package our products with the customer in mind, finding a solution that gave a frustration free experience without compromise to product protection during transit was the target we aimed for.

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