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Filtropa Unbleached Coffee Filter Papers Size 4 (Four), 100% Natural, Pack of 100

Filtropa Unbleached Coffee Filter Papers Size 4 (Four), 100% Natural, Pack of 100

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  • PURE FLAVOUR: These unbleached coffee filters are taste and odour free, and help coffee brew at the right rate for a pure, smooth taste
  • 100 Percent NATURAL: As well as being unbleached, the papers are total chlorine free (TCF), certified dioxin free, and biodegradable
  • ROBUST: The coffee filters are durable even when wet
  • PACK OF 100: Includes 100 sheets of coffee filter paper, so you can enjoy fresh coffee for many mornings to come
  • USEFUL INFO: Size 4/cup size 6-8; designed for use with a variety of coffee machines and pour over coffee makers

From the manufacturer

Filtropa Unbleached Coffee Filters

The secret to great-tasting drip coffee

When it comes to making delicious drip brew coffee, your choice of coffee maker filters can have a huge effect on the taste and quality of the brew.

Choose these Filtropa coffee filters when you want pure flavour, every time.

These unbleached coffee filter papers are made of special compound paper that's completely taste and odour-free. Unlike some lower quality filters, they don't give off that unpleasant papery taste that can mask the rich flavours of the coffee.

Product Information

  • Includes 100 cone coffee filters
  • Compatible with size 4 drip coffee makers
  • Designed to be disposed of after use
  • Unbleached
  • Degradable

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The Coffee Lovers’ Choice


Some white coffee filters are bleached with chlorine. However, these Filtropa papers are whitened using an oxygen-based process, so you can rest assured they're a safe choice, not just for the environment, but for you.

The drip coffee filters are certified dioxin-free, too, so when you dispose of them after use you can rest assured that they'll biodegrade without harming the environment.

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