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Extra Large Fabric Wardrobe with Compartments and 2 Side Pockets, Textile Wardrobe, Cupboard, Camping Wardrobe with Clothes Rail for Clothing, Dressing Room, Bedroom (British Style)

Extra Large Fabric Wardrobe with Compartments and 2 Side Pockets, Textile Wardrobe, Cupboard, Camping Wardrobe with Clothes Rail for Clothing, Dressing Room, Bedroom (British Style)

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  • Quality materials: ZZBIQS cabinets made of angled flannel fabric made of peach skin. Dust-proof cover with zip, high-quality steel tube and polypropylene (PP) plastic connector. The flannel fabric cover is soft and thick, moisture-resistant, breathable, dustproof, durable and not easy to age.
  • Heavy-duty: The wardrobe uses a steel tube, the wall of which is thickened (25 mm) and the hardness of which is reinforced. The polypropylene (PP) connectors use original polypropylene construction material. High toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance. The bottom of each layer is plastic. All ensure that the load capacity is increased up to 450 kg. More durable and less collapsible.
  • Space-saving organiser: The stand size is 172 x 148 x 46 cm (H x L x W). Wardrobe with 3 hanging rails and 4 small and 3 large storage compartments. 2 side pockets offer additional space for your longer outfits as well as for folded clothes.
  • Easy to install: Installation is easy. Simply insert the metal rods into the holes in the plastic joints, place them on the shelves and cover them, with no tools required. Please make sure all poles reach the bottom of the plastic connecting holes and protect the cover and fabric bases from cracking due to the wrong size of the frame.
  • Convenient to use: If you don't have storage space, this fully organised, foldable wardrobe saves you the madness of finding the right outfit from piles of clothes. It is equipped with a clothes rail to present your shirts or other longer outfits nicely and neatly and to give you a comfortable life.

Product details:
High load capacity and large capacity:
The ZZBIQS storage space comes with 3 movable clothes rails that are divided into 7 shelves of different sizes and 2 side pockets.
It gives you extra space for longer outfits, toys, books and folded clothes.
You can also put suitcases or other things on the wardrobe to save space.
It is made of powder-coated metal pipes, selected plastic parts and flannel fabric. This robust wardrobe offers you a solution for long-term storage.
Humanised design:
The removable wardrobe has a zip that opens and closes to keep clothes clean. The zipped dustproof cover can be rolled up and taped in place, and the fabric layers are easy to clean.
The bottom of our wardrobe is higher than others, so you don't have to worry about wet floors getting your clothes wet.
Your shoes can also be placed under the wardrobe to make the space more concise.
Easy to assemble, no tools required.
The connectors are all the same. They do not need to be identified.
Simply attach the pipes to the plastic connectors.
Please make sure the poles are inserted into the bottom of the plastic parts.
Then place on the shelves and cover.
Technical details:
Weight: 8.75 kg.
Colour: 5 different colours and patterns to choose from.
Material: Non-woven fabric, steel pipe, polypropylene (PP) plastic.
Standing size: H x L X W: 172 x 148 x 46 cm
Contents: Flannel fabric made of slanted peach leather, fabric layers, high-quality steel pipe, polypropylene (PP) plastic connector.

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